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  Meet Resolve's Training Team

Ellen Craine Ellen Craine

Ellen Craine has a rich background in teaching, training, facilitating and community organizing. Ellen has worked with Resolve since 1997, training workplace professionals and community members in conflict resolution and mediation skills. She also has years of experience mediating disputes in the workplace, family and community. Ellen holds a Masters Degree in Teaching from Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, CA and has completed training with Coach Training Institute. Ellen is a Founding Member of  the Rose Circle Mentoring Network, a local organization that supports youth through mentoring. 

Fred Perloff

Fred Perloff has been has been affiliated with Resolve since 1994 as a senior mediator, trainer and mentor. He has mediated hundreds of cases including civil, family and community mediations, plus facilitated dialogues between victims and juvenile offenders. Additionally, for a number of years he has been a lead trainer for Resolve’s five-day Fundamentals of Mediation training.

His particular passion is restorative justice. He has developed multiple programs for youth offenders and victims, and trained a generation of restorative justice practitioners. Also, he volunteers for the Facilitated Dialogue Program of the Oregon Department of Corrections, whereby victim/survivors of violent crime can have a dialogue with their incarcerated offender. He graduated Yale College with a BA, magna cum laude majoring in Political Science and the Study of the City.

Kon Damas

Kon Damas managed the Community Mediation Service (CMS) of the City of Boulder for more than twenty years.  CMS uses volunteer mediators to resolve issues including rental housing, neighbors, parent-teen, roommates, racial/cross-cultural, and victim-offender.  Kon has h facilitated many large tense meetings, and has trained experienced mediators in facilitation skills.  Meeting size has ranged up to 100 participants and topics being hotly disputed have included: prairie dog management, hate crime response, development of currently vacant land, and siting of homeless service facilities.  Kon also served on the board of the Colorado Council of  Mediators (CCMO) and managed the annual conference for two years. Kon received his mediation training from CDR of Boulder. 

Kon retired from CMS in 2007 and is now in a limited private mediation and facilitation practice, primarily coaching for large scale mediation trainers.  Kon has a philosophy of continuous skill improvement for conflict resolution practitioners and particularly savors the elation of competence leaps and bounds. Kon loves music and traveling this planet Earth and enjoying the outdoors including sand twixt toes and snow under skis, snowshoes or toboggan.  For him, reading is an apex joy.

Lisa Horwitch, Ph.D.Lisa Horwitch, Ph.D.

Dr. Lisa R. Horwitch, affiliated with Resolve since 2007, is an experienced trainer working in both the international and domestic arenas. Lisa brings 25 years of experience in the policy & government sectors as well as family business & broader business arenas. Holding two advanced degrees from the University of Southern California (MA in Administration & Leadership; Ph.D. in Education Policy, Organization, & Law), Lisa utilizes her analytical expertise to actively listen and identify the needs of her clients to tailor facilitations, mediation sessions, and trainings and skillfully meet those needs/purposes. Lisa has facilitated consensus proposals, helped groups overcome barriers, and better communicate toward productive ends. 

Her clientele has included the California State Legislature, Members of the U.S. Congress, & international projects in Nigeria, Tanzania and India. As an Oregonian, Lisa’s served on the Oregon Statewide Panel of Mediators for the Oregon Department of Education, and Oregon Judicial Department, for Foreclosure Facilitations. She has contributed facilitation, training, and mediation skills to numerous organizations and agencies throughout Southern Oregon including: Bureau of Land Management, City of Ashland, Southern Oregon University, Jackson County Health and Human Services, and other non-profit organizations working to better impact the lives of others in a positive fashion.

Leslie Lanes

For Leslie, the mediation process is a way to assist others in living an authentic life, to facilitate truth-telling within challenging relationships and encourage self-empowerment in the affairs of human beings. She has discovered that gathering in circles or council, even if it's three people, allows an unexpected level of wisdom to emerge and the potential of an experience that was previously unimagined. In addition to being a Founding Member of The Rose Circle Mentoring Network, Leslie has been associated with Resolve for over 14 years and has delighted to participate in many of the programs that have creatively served the community.  

For information about our custom on-site trainings please contact Resolve's
Training and Outreach Coordinator at 541-770-2468 or outreach@resolvecenter.org.