Executive Director’s letter

Together Again; Repairing Through Connection

The shared experience of pandemic and climate catastrophe offers us clarity about what is truly important. We see the indisputable fact of our connection and interrelationship. Even our deep relationship with the earth is vivid and clear. We know that we must find ways to repair harm and resolve conflict, from the personal to the global, because everyone is related and everyone belongs. As human beings we repair through our connections.

In the year ahead, think about the relationships in your life. Reach out and re-connect. Use “old technology” and send a card to someone. Write a letter. Work out a visit with an old friend. Send a goofy photograph, only don’t send it using digital media. Send it in the mail, so that it can be displayed on the refrigerator as tangible evidence of
connection. Resolve Center for Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice helps youth and adults with connection through the practices of mediation and restorative justice. You may have seen our staff and volunteers in K-12 schools, working with our partners in county courts and juvenile justice, or in the community supporting neighbors and families. Resolve is here to help southern Oregonians build and repair the bonds of human connection so that we can continue to live together in relative peace.

At the close of November, I will be asking you to donate to Resolve. As winter approaches and you connect with family and friends to reflect and feel gratitude, I hope you will remember Resolve and give what you can.

Warm and Peaceful Holiday Wishes to All,

Deltra sig
Deltra Ferguson, Executive Director