Get to Know Resolve

Resolve Center for Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice transforms the way the people and communities of southern Oregon manage and resolve conflict and repair from harm.

Resolve has been serving southern Oregon communities since 1990, helping people manage conflict through mediation, restoring harmed relationships and communities through dialogue and mentorship, and advancing peace through education and training.

Resolve is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization proudly serving Jackson County, Josephine County, and neighboring regions. Resolve relies on the generosity of our community. We gratefully acknowledge the volunteers, board members, donors, funders, school partners, justice system partners, and other community organizations that make our work possible.

Resolve Staff

Deltra Ferguson, Ph.D., Executive Director

Brian Graunke, Director of Mediation and Facilitation

Raphaelle (Raphi) Miller, Director of Education & School Services

Cara Walsh, Director of Restorative Justice

KeriAnn Rumrey, Restorative Justice Specialist

Noah Symington, Restorative Justice Specialist

Makayla Boscia, Coordinator of Mediation

Janet Alpine, Center Operations