Restorative Justice in Schools

What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice in schools is a set of principles and practices that supports teachers, students and families in building relationships, strengthening community and repairing relationships and community after harm.

Why Restorative Justice?

Results from practicing restorative justice can include improved school climate; significantly lower referrals, suspensions, and expulsions; and higher attendance and graduation rates.

How Can I Implement Restorative Justice in my School?

Whole School Implementation is system-wide approach for integrating restorative justice principles and practices into school culture and discipline. Resolve provides schools with training, consultation, and coaching.

Testimonial from Teresa Sayre, retired Superintendent of Phoenix-Talent School District. 

Video credit: Chris Hernandez

Getting started:

1) Schedule a 2-hour Live training: Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools

As part of our mission, Resolve is committed to providing accessible information and education about restorative justice to the southern Oregon community. Please contact Resolve at 541-770-2468 to speak to one of our Restorative Justice Specialists to schedule an in-person presentation of typically 2-hours.


(2) Free Asynchronous Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools

This asynchronous training includes a video and support materials. Click here to access this free training.


(3) Schedule a complementary consultation session with Resolve’s Restorative Justice Specialists to discuss partnership opportunities, services, and next steps.

This includes:

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Comprehensive Implementation Plan

What services are available to educate students?

ChoicePoint Bullying Intervention and Bystander Empowerment Program is an interactive classroom workshop where students explore effective strategies to use when faced with bullying, aggression and cyberbullying.

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