Debate to Dialogue

This interactive community workshop offers a different approach to engaging with people who hold contrasting views. Instead of a debate between two sides defending their positions, dialogue uncovers complexity and cultivates connection by inviting participants to share their personal experiences, values, emotions, and even hesitations. Gain insight into cognitive and emotional processes, practice strategies for navigating heated exchanges, learn to share views in a way that can be heard, and discover the joys of dialogue!

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debate to dialogue

Fundamentals of Mediation

Mediation supports peaceful conflict resolution and builds bridges across differences. Training participants learn how to create a safe and respectful space, actively listen, identify underlying needs, and empower others to arrive at their own agreements. This intensive online training satisfies the educational requirements to become a civil mediator in the state of Oregon. Continuing education credits are available.

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Restorative Justice Facilitator Intensive

Restorative Justice is a trauma-informed practice used to strengthen communities, repair harm, and restore relationships when wrongdoings occur. Restorative justice uses a holistic approach that includes family and community, addresses causes of behavior, and meets victims’ needs while promoting a high level of offender accountability and growth. This four day training prepares participants to identify and respond to the needs of all affected, facilitate interventions, and integrate restorative justice practices into daily interactions and organizational cultures.

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Restorative Justice Facilitator Training

Restorative Justice Training in Schools

Resolve services for regional schools include restorative justice implementation, ChoicePoint bullying intervention education, and student peer mediation training. To learn more, contact Resolve’s Director of Restorative Justice, 541-770-2468 x308.

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Workplace Training

Bring Resolve’s expert trainers to your workplace! Resolve offers customized, onsite training in conflict resolution, communication, team building, and leadership. Contact Resolve to find the best solution for your organization’s needs.



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